Custom linked to your shop

Not every app can be linked to an OMNI shop in its standard form

However, CMDC can make an adjustment to the code to make it available for your shop. To achieve this, you must have permission from Lightspeed that CMDC may make adjustments to the API. Lightspeed must also give CMDC access to your shop's API. With this API, CMDC can create a new and necessary connection between the shop and the application.

This concerns the following applications

Filter on Stock

Prevent frustration for your webshop visitors. Exclude product variants that are out of stock from your filters. Higher conversion in your webshop.

Dynamic Default Variant

Always show the product variant that is in stock. Out-of-stock product variants are not shown. Choose the conditions under which a variant is shown.

The one-off costs for realizing the custom connection are normally € 500,- excl. VAT.* 

Please contact us and mention 'OMNI PROMOTION' and we can make you the following offer:

The one-off costs for the realization of the custom connection are temporarily € 250,- excl. VAT.*



Please contact us to discuss the possibilities

*The prices mentioned are without the necessary hosting costs.